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Amrita joined the Dan Plowman Coaching Team as a Coach after studying the complete Dan Plowman Coaching program and seeing its effectiveness first-hand with her clients. 

Amrita guides clients to establish business goals then strategizes on the path to take to achieve those goals. After years consulting in the Real Estate industry using the Dan Plowman Coaching methods - the results are consistent: solid systems that support larger teams, higher sales, and more balance for her clients. 

Prior to working in the Real Estate industry, Amrita spent a decade as an Executive in the Recruiting Industry managing the HR, Marketing, Training and Operations functions of several successful staffing firms serving the public and private sectors in a highly competitive market. 

Amrita has a Degree in Business Management with a specialty in Marketing and she is an avid Real Estate investor. Her approach with clients is to make their lives easier in all ways. She believes in efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to every facet of clients' businesses.


"I was working from the last 6 years and I was doing good but I was feeling I was missing something in my real estate profession so I joined Dan Plowman Coaching... their systems, scripting are all amazing. Its a game changer for everyone"

Muhammad Khurram

Mississauga, on

In January 2022 I started the Dan Plowman Coaching program and in July and August of 2022, for the first time in my real estate career, I was a top producer in my office. Dan had predicted this outcome in my conversations with him and in my reading of the course material. I understand now that the properly directed; actions, conversations, and work real estate sales representatives do in the present, shows results in 6 to 9 months or earlier. My best advice for anyone in any stage of their real estate career is to sign up for the Dan Plowman Coaching program. It has turned out for me to be the smartest expenditure I have ever made. Dan and his team are always available with the advice, insight, and direction that participants need in the moment. The conundrum for me in taking this course is that I became so busy handling the work that comes with completing deals I was kept away from gaining new insights from the content and direct conversations with Dan and his team of consummately skilled business professionals. I am extremely appreciative of the sincere and generous way that Dan and Amrita's efforts and concerns are for my success. What else can I say except, Thank you so very much and that I want to remain a lifelong participant in this program. 


Peter Domarchuk

niagara, on

"I have gained more confidence and when I've made decisions with respect to any of my deals I've been able to have a much more confident approach and I think my clients can see that in me and that's really benefited my transactions as well."

Urooj Khan


"What I love about the coaching experience is that he doesn't hold back on giving information and very genuine and talks a lot of valuable information that we can use to build our business"

Supipa Palihawadanage

Milton, on

My team and I started with the Dan Plowman Team Systems in October of 2016. From their coaching we have revamped our systems from A to Z. Their scripts, buyer presentation, listing presentation, and their help with hiring and training an ISA has us on track to double our sales in 2018. Thank you to everyone at the Dan Plowman Team for all of your help!

Nancy Festarini

oakville, on

I said to Dan that if you tell me I'm going to make $100,000 my first year in the business... I'll quit what I'm doing right now and come on board. I didn't even have my real estate license yet... and in my first year I made $162,000

gino spagnuolo

toronto, ON

“I’ve had my license for 10 years and they are just leaps ahead of me right now, so I’m just so impressed that I feel like I’ll miss out if I don’t come to events like this”

mena bishay

toronto, ON

I am always looking for new ways to bring the best tools and training to my agents at RE/MAX Premier. DPTS customized a program specific to our needs and it has been transformational for our agents. I highly recommend DPTS training to any Broker Owner looking to build an office full of engaged, well-trained agents excited about their business.

Gabe Bianchi


PointOne training gave me the specific direction I needed to advance my real estate career. The practical application allowed me to make $156,872 my first year, $203,023 my second year and $258,485 my third. It really does take the guessing out of the business.



"What I love about the [Dan Plowman Coaching] community itself is the coaching calls that keep me accountable and just the feel of another community to be a part of. I would recommend Dan Plowman Coaching to anybody"

Brian Bell

Brantford, on

"Dan Plowman Coaching has been really beneficial to me for a number of reasons, one of them is my follow up with leads and lead generation has  made a huge difference"

David Bratanek

Sarnia, on

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