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Jennifer has a passion for life and excellence. Being one of the original partners of the Dan Plowman Team, she has been instrumental over the last 15+ years in helping to test and improve many of our systems during their creation. As a result of implementing and perfecting these systems in her own business, Jennifer has received some of the most prestigious accolades in real estate.


With her accreditation as a CFP (certified financial planner), NLP practitioner coach, DISC personality trainer and a psychology degree, Jennifer is now one of Canada's leading real estate coaches and trainers, delivering these proven systems to agents and teams across North America.


She has a passion to share her unique ability to teach others these systems as a Master Coach with Dan Plowman Coaching for the past 10+ years in order to help our clients build their business to higher levels.


"I would recommend Dan Plowman Coaching to every Realtor. I think that it's a very unique thing to be able to refocus in on your business and learn things that you think you have learnt or been doing but really there is so many things that they are teaching and I would definitely highly recommend them." 

Renee Blair


"The thing I love most about the coaching experience is the clarity and direction it's given me. I actually recommend Dan Plowman Coaching to a lot of colleagues that are looking for the same kind of direction that I'm benefiting from now"

Stephen Sinclair

Mississauga, on

"The thing I love most about the coaching experience is that [coach] that I meet with weekly to keep me accountable. I would definitely recommend Dan Plowman Coaching to other Realtors."

Mary Palka

Brantford, on

"I love the guidance being able to have a framework to work with because it's really intimidating being a new agent so its really hard to not have any idea of what to do next. The Dan Plowman Coaching system really gives you that next step"

Trish Eckersley

Peterborough, on

"What I love about this coaching experience most important is it gave me my life which gave me more time for myself and my family and it increased my revenue in the last 1 year." 

Ravinder Khurana

Markham, on

You have to get coached by Dan Plowman. We were doing about 175 deals a year at our team, we had about 4 agents at that time, he was doing 650-700, I want to be like him so I’m going to do what he does, I called Dan Plowman the next day. 

marc evans

ottawa, on

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