Pick Up 6

A Proven System To Do A Minimum Of An Extra 15 Deals A Year From Everyone Over At Dan Plowman Coaching


PickUp6 new leads every day!


What Is A Lead?:

Someone new that represents future business and has agreed to either a meeting or a follow up with you.


How Are You Going To Do This?:

By calling 5 days a week

two hours a day

of uninterrupted dial time

block it off in Real Estate Flow.


Where Are These Calls Coming From?:

Green leads, duty time, calls from Real Estate Flow, FSBO's, friends, family, past clients, center of influence, farm area.

The Numbers:

Pick up 6 new leads a day

x 5 days a week

= 30 new leads a week

x 50 weeks a year

= 1500 new leads a year


The Conversions Of New Leads:

5% = 75 deals a year

2% = 30 deals a year

1% = 15 deals a year

over and above the current number of deals you do every year.


You Need To Track This:

Use the tracker and let's keep you on track to hitting your goals.


The Scripts You Should Use:

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