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5 Tips for Building and Maintaining Team Culture

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

One way to increase your team’s performance is to focus on building a strong culture and purpose amongst team members. In fact, building and maintaining strong team culture has always played an important role in the success of the Dan Plowman Team over the years. Read below the top 5 ways the Dan Plowman Team maintains strong team culture;

  1. Set team goals in increments and encourage each team member to contribute to the goals. Start by allowing team members to come up with their own monthly and annual sales goals and then add up each team members’ annual goal to end up with an annual goal for the team. Make sure each and every team member is aware of this goal. When team members write down and become aware of their own individual sales goals, they will be more motivated to reach them and contribute to the team goal. Be sure to remind team members of their importance and significance as an individual in reaching the collective team goal. This is the goal system used by the Dan Plowman Team – each month the white board is cleared and labelled with the number of sales required to reach the goal for that month. Whenever an agent makes a sale, they add their magnetic name tile to the board. This is a great tool that allows agents to visualize the monthly team goal and how their efforts contribute to the big picture.

  2. Reward and recognize team members for reaching their goals. As mentioned above, each agent and inside sales agent receives magnetic name tiles that are added to the team goal whiteboard each time they close or assist in closing a deal. This is a great way to ensure no one’s efforts go unnoticed and everyone is recognized for their contributions.

  3. Hold mandatory weekly team meetings. At the Dan Plowman Team, mandatory weekly meetings serve as a way to get all agents together in one place no matter how busy their schedules become. Each weekly meeting focuses on a different theme. Whether it be team building, dealing with the ups and downs of real estate as individual agents, etc. The meetings are always held on Mondays and begin by updating the team on each agent’s progress with their respective listings. From a deal they’ve closed, to the great turn out at their open house over the weekend, the team as a whole receives an in-depth update on everything that’s happening. Once everyone is all caught up, the focus tends to shift to the theme of the meeting. For instance, the theme might include focusing on a team building exercise or embracing individual agents’ strengths by having everyone fill out “I am” statements and sharing with the team. Whatever the theme, it’s important to keep every agent engaged and involved. Finally, the meeting comes to a close with silent goals. Each agent writes down their weekly and long-term goals so that they are motivated as they leave the meeting and begin the new week.

  4. Value each team members’ opinions and ideas. At the Dan Plowman Team, the team uses an “idea form” to write down ideas and opinions as they come to them. This is a great way of ensuring everyone’s ideas and opinions are heard and taken into consideration. This system also allows the team as a whole to benefit from each individual agent’s strengths and unique ideas.

  5. Schedule out-of-office team building events and activities as often as possible. It’s important to schedule out-of-office team building activities to keep the team working together and improving their teamwork skills in fun and engaging ways. For instance, the Dan Plowman Team often gets together for cottage weekends and has even gone white water rafting together! We suggest organizing outings to places like escape rooms or hosting a paint night for a more laid-back team-building experience or attending real estate conferences and events for a more professional and educational atmosphere.

Check out the events tab on our website to browse our upcoming events that are great for team building!

“I should not be more excited about your business than you are.” - Dan Plowman

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