Teaching What We Do Everyday

"Real Estate can be learned and transferred from those who have done it, but best learned from those who are currently doing the do each and every day."    - Dan Plowman


From rookie of the year in his first year of selling homes to one of the largest producers in North America in real estate sales, Dan’s journey of over 25 years has resulted in the development of up-to-date, proven systems specific to the fast-changing real estate industry that, when implemented, are life-changing.
Dan has been consistently ranked at the top of Canada’s largest real estate board and has developed one of the highest ranked teams in Canada for production year over year.  Now, operating his own independently owned brokerage for his team, Dan has sold well over a billion dollars in real estate and maintains millions in GCI annually. Year after year, Dan continues to sell on average a home a day, more that one home every day and has maintained this for over a decade. His proven systems allow him to do this while enjoying every evening and weekend at home with his family.

Dan has a passion for marketing, sales and helping others reach levels they never thought possible. Dan takes great pride knowing that his teachings and practices that he shares with others are current and being used by his award winning team everyday.


Dan Plowman started in real estate in 1989. Dan learned early on that he loved the interaction with people and that was his initial attraction to real estate.


Rachel Plowman grew up in real estate. Both of her parents were real estate agents who owned their own brokerage. Rachel has never known a life without real estate.

Dan and Rachel believe that real estate is the best business in the world.


Their vision is to transform the real estate industry by accelerating more real estate agents to the top point one percent of the industry.


“Now we have an inside sales person who’s nurturing all the ones (leads) that the agents don’t have time to get to, so the leads that have been able to come out of that and the deals that come out of that is incredible”

peggy hill

barrie, on

“People are looking up to us and are wondering what we’re doing and how we’re accomplishing this… It’s just the tip of the ice burg for us”

Jeremy Zdrill

Winnipeg, MB

Dan Plowman Coaching helped me take my business to the next level. There is not a lot of expertise in the real estate profession on how to grow a team profitably, to set the right systems in place and to improve services to clients. With the help of them throughout the years, we have been able to grow our team and step it up. I would highly recommend Dan Plowman Coaching to anyone looking to grow their real estate team.


barrie, on

I joined the Dan Plowman Coaching program a few years ago & it was one of the best decisions I made for my business. I have grown my team to 22 people and we currently sell 500+ homes per year. I highly recommend Dan Plowman Coaching to anyone looking to build a team. It’s great to learn from someone who practices what they teach in today’s market.


hamilton, on

The Dan Plowman Coaching systems, the tracking, the accountability, the mentorship, it's revolutionary. Our business increased by 45% in just one year. Yes we grew in deals but I think we grew as people more and this year will be unbelievable because of everything we stopped to learn the year before. What I get from it is invaluable!

peggy hill

barrie, on

Our team has been coached by Jennifer for over three years, and we just signed for a fourth. Although we have been over the systems again and again, we always learn something new every call. Our favorite thing about the coaching is that our whole team is coached - not just the team leaders. Since we have been with Jennifer and DPTS, we have retooled all our team systems to the point where we have a more cohesive team, have more clearly defined systems, are producing more volume than ever, and are the most profitable we have ever been. We thank Jennifer and Dan Plowman Coaching for sharing their experience with us - we recommend them every chance we get.


Vernon, BC

I listed four homes and signed two buyers in the last seven days. Yes it really works! PointOne gave me exactly what a young new agent needs. A road map with instructions! I actually don't even want to tell people about this training as it works so well!



I was able to use PointOne training to ensure my success. My first year goal was $100,000. Because I followed the PointOne training, and I mean followed it to a "T", I was able to make $160,000 after expenses in my first year. Thank you, PointOne!

gino spagnuolo


"The conversion rate with the Buyer Presentation is I would say about 80%. I did 3 buyer presentations and closed 1 deal."

Mahesh Khatri

Mississauga, ON