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We Are Real Estate

Proven Systems to Give You More Results

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We actively teach what we successfully accomplish every day. 
Everything we teach is tested and proven by our real estate sales team. 


Our clients get the final refined working product of proven systems without the research and development costs. 

Our mission is to offer world class training, coaching and tools at a revolutionary price, paving the way for real estate agents to reach the next level.

We help you refine and master sales systems, conversion techniques, mindset, and overall business performance.  This leads to a return on investment for you.


World Class Training and Coaching to Generate and Close More Business

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Our coaching program provides you access to the most unique and powerful real estate training you will ever encounter.


You will have access to Dan Plowman training as well as a professional coach that will show you how to create a thriving business.


Dan Plowman Coaching methodology demands that our clients cultivate structured business practices, track key metrics and report their progress to a coach who holds the client accountable to achieve their goals and desired outcomes.


Take a look at the Dan Plowman comprehensive training content.


Our Coaching clients also have exclusive access to additional content and features.

How To Build A Marketing Plan

Maximizing Returns On Marketing And Ads

Leadership Strategies For Success

Mindset Of Unlimited Potential

Tracking System For Agents And Teams

Active Communication Principles

DISC Personality Profiling

Best Practices To Hire Support Staff

Hiring System To Recruit An Agent

Job Descriptions For Admin Support

Job Descriptions For Marketing & IT Support

Sample Contracts For Your Use

How To Start

Building A Team

Detailed Team

Structure Options

Free CRM

Real Estate Flow

... and So Much More Customized Content For You And Your Team

World Class Training + One-One Coaching = The Complete Package 

As a coaching client you will work one on one with a professional coach that will assist you to create a plan for your business, to identify any barriers keeping you from achieving your goals, and design a customized plan to address your priorities.

Think of your coach as your own private mastermind. Someone that understands and cares about you and your business.


Your coach will personally walk thru all of the Dan Plowman training systems and tools at the right time for you, and in the sequence that best suits your needs.


You will also have FREE access to Dan Plowman Coaching CRM - Real Estate Flow.


From Lead to Client-for-Life


Finally! A real estate CRM designed by an active real estate team.

Never let another lead or past client fall through the cracks! Schedule your demo today!


Import contacts directly from 3rd party lead sources


Keep track of notes and correspondence


Record multiple addresses & contacts per record


Keep track of contacts with lead sources & tags


Maintain files associated with contacts


Track referral and lead sources


Prompted when duplicate contact found

Capture and be reminded of important dates


Comprehensive search capabilities


Manage deadlines and capture important dates


See all events and tasks, daily, monthly, weekly


When task is completed, automatically prompts for next activity


Automatically move past-due events to tomorrow


Use plans to automate repetitive tasks


Get email notifications for activities and tasks and import into other calendars


View calendars for all team members to appointment times


Collaborate & assign tasks to other members of your team


Activity reports – detailed & summary – on all activity by agent, lead source, outcome, etc


Track activities & calls


Discover which lead sources work and which don't


Find out how many leads are turning into appointments


Create & send bulk emails to contacts


Create automated emails such as monthly newsletters

Set rules for 3rd party leads so system only captures valid information


Designed to work seamlessly between inside sales and outside sales

Mindset Principles to Master Continuous Business Growth

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In addition to industry leading strategies, tactics, and systems, Dan Plowman Coaching will also provide you with mindset philosophy to propel you to reach top levels of achievement.


To become a successful real estate sales professional, it requires a unique mindset.


Passion and drive for success is not always enough and it’s not sustainable. To reach your full potential you need a clear understanding of what truly drives you, of your big WHY, and of the purpose that pulls you towards your goals.


Dan Plowman is continuously investing in the mindset of his real estate team. As a client of Dan Plowman Coaching you will also have access to the specialized training and knowledge that the Dan Plowman Team is using to consistently sell over 400 homes a year.


You will have access to the proprietary Human Potential Energetic Life Map™.


The Life Map™ is the culmination of the most sought after personal and professional development gathered into one singular model. Essentially, it is a central resource, a model that provides a single point of focus that allows you to stand back and look at all areas of your life from a very global perspective. Consider it a “road map” of your life.

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Choose the Coaching Program That is Right For You

I’m ready to create greater results in my business without giving up more of my personal time

I want proven lead conversion strategies to increase my real estate client base

I want to learn the best systems and strategies so I don’t have to pay to re-invent the wheel

I want to master business structure and marketing excellence to create a long term profitable business


I’m ready to leverage people, technology and marketing to take my business to the next level

I want to create a top performing team or expand my existing top performing team

I want to build residual income and create balance in my life and in my business

I want to master leadership skills to create top producing agents


Mark F.

CEO and Broker

"Dan Plowman Coaching helped me take my business to the next level. There is not a lot of expertise in the real estate profession on how to grow a team profitably, to set the right systems in place and to improve services to clients. With the help of Dan Plowman Coaching throughout the years, we have been able to grow our team and step it up. I would highly recommend Dan Plowman Coaching to anyone looking to grow their real estate team."

Rob G.

Team Leader and Sales Representative

"I joined the Dan Plowman Coaching program a few years ago & it was one of the best decisions I made for my business. I have grown my team to 22 people and we currently sell 500+ homes per year. I highly recommend Dan Plowman Coaching to anyone looking to build a team. It’s great to learn from someone who practices what they teach in today’s market."

Peggy H.

CEO and Broker

"The Dan Plowman Coaching systems, the tracking, the accountability, the mentorship, it's revolutionary. Our business increased by 45% in just one year. Yes we grew in deals but I think we grew as people more and this year will be unbelievable because of everything we stopped to learn the year before. What I get from it is invaluable!"


Attract and Convert More Clients - Let Us Help You

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