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Team builder is recommended for agents that are currently team leaders, and looking to build and expand a high performance team.

With more than double the coaching time of Elite Agent, this program is designed to help team leaders overcome challenges as they move towards the next level of business in record time.


We train your team members to become individual top producers, and we train the team leaders to grow a team profitably, to set the right systems in place and to improve services to clients.


Our industry leading team systems can also help you build an Inside Sales Associate (ISA) team. We have a proven track record of helping our clients hire and train ISAs to dramatically increase their in year sales.


If you are looking to thrive as a team leader and outperform your competition, Team Builder is the program for you.

What’s Included in Team Builder?


One-on-One Coaching Sessions With The

Team Leader


Group Mastermind

Sessions with

Dan Plowman


Online Learning Modules Accessible To All Of Your Team Members


One-on-One Coaching Sessions With

Team Members


Free Admission To Select Dan Plowman Coaching Events


Access To Our

Exclusive Members

Only Content


Real Estate Flow


Are You Looking to Hire an Inside Sales Associate?


Included as part of the Team Builder Coaching Program is the customized assistance to hire an Inside

Sales Associate and to build an Inside Sales Department to accelerate your team’s success.


To build an inside sales department requires time, money and most of all it requires that you know HOW to do it.


We can show you HOW.


The Dan Plowman Team has perfected the ISA model with over a decade of continuous improvements to systems and training procedures.


Contrary to telemarketers, inside sales associates are highly skilled and knowledgeable.


Inside sales associates take advantage of leads early on in the buying cycle, leads that require follow up on average of 7 to 10 times before the lead agrees to an appointment.


Ask yourself do your outside field agents follow up with your leads 7 to 10 times on average?

Not likely…


This means you are spending money on marketing and lead generation that is being under-utilized.


You can maximize your marketing and lead generation investments by hiring a professional Inside Sales Associate.


The keys to success in hiring an ISA is in:

  • Creating customized industry specific training

  • Deciding between branded vs unbranded leads

  • Making the right investment in leads

  • Having the patience to grow the ISA department


You simply need to know HOW to do it and you are off to enjoying an abundance of leads, increased lead conversions and massive growth in your team.


A lot of teams have tried to hire and build ISA departments and they have been discouraged and stopped because they didn’t understand how to build a foundation, did not know what to expect, and had unrealistic expectations as well as investment in the wrong place.


We will teach you HOW to hire your first ISA and build your ISA debarment the right way with the least amount of investment and the most amount of productivity.


The best part is you get all this expert help to hire an ISA an build an ISA department as part of the Team Builder Coaching Program.

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