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You will get access to relevant and current proven systems. We actively teach what we successfully accomplish every day. 

Everything we teach is tested and proven by our Real Estate sales team.

You won’t have to spend your time and money figuring out what we have already perfected. Our clients get the final refined working product of proven systems without the research and development costs. 

In addition to industry leading strategies, tactics, and systems, you will also get top performer mindset philosophy to propel you to reach the highest levels of achievement.


“We need systems to ensure we succeed… Many agents start out with great enthusiasm and intention but no real plan in place.”

Rachel and I started the coaching company with one principle in mind. To serve our fellow Real Estate agents. 


Over a decade later, Dan Plowman Coaching still operates with customer service as it’s core principle.


We are actively leading and mentoring a team of Real Estate agents that we consider to be part of our family. 


We teach our coaching clients what our team successfully accomplishes every day.


Everything we teach is tested and proven by our Real Estate sales team in this current market.


Dan & Rachel Plowman

What You Can Expect

We know not every Real Estate agent is an ideal candidate for our coaching program and we aim to clearly identify how you can best benefit from our coaching. Here’s what you will receive as part of your business review:

Scheduled call for 30 to 45-minute (Online or Voice)

Time to share about your personal and business goals as well as any challenges and wins you are currently experiencing 

A plan recommending the next best actions you can take now to get you closer to achieving your goals

Transforming the Business & Lives of Real Estate Agents

Roy Cleeves

Kitchener, ON


Rob Golfi

Hamilton, ON

Kate Archer

Lindsay, ON


Peggy Hill

Barrie, ON

Goran Todorovic

Kitchener, ON


Mark Faris

Barrie, ON

"I joined the Dan Plowman Coaching program a few years ago & it was one of the best decisions I made for my business. I have grown my team to 22 people and we currently sell 500+ homes per year. I highly recommend Dan Plowman Coaching to anyone looking to build a team. It’s great to learn from someone who practices what they teach in today’s market."

"Now we have an inside sales person who’s nurturing all the ones (leads) that the agents don’t have time to get to, so the leads that have been able to come out of that and the deals that come out of that is incredible”

"Dan Plowman Coaching helped me take my business to the next level. There is not a lot of expertise in the Real Estate profession on how to grow a team profitably, to set the right systems in place and to improve services to clients. With the help of them throughout the years, we have been able to grow our team and step it up. I would highly recommend Dan Plowman Coaching to anyone looking to grow their Real Estate team."