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From rookie of the year in his first year of selling homes to one of the largest producers in North America in real estate sales, Dan’s journey of over 30+ years has resulted in the development of up-to-date, proven systems specific to the fast-changing real estate industry that, when implemented, are life-changing.
Dan has been consistently ranked at the top of Canada’s largest real estate board and has developed one of the highest ranked teams in Canada for production year over year.  Now, operating his own independently owned brokerage for his team, Dan has sold well over a billion dollars in real estate and maintains millions in GCI annually. Year after year, Dan continues to sell on average a home a day and has maintained this for over a decade. His proven systems allow him to do this while enjoying every evening and weekend at home with his family.

Dan has a passion for marketing, sales and helping others reach levels they never thought possible. Dan takes great pride knowing that his teachings and practices that he shares with others are current and being used by his award winning team everyday.




Having been in the real estate industry for over 20+ years, Rachel has worked and developed every department imaginable while working side by side with Dan Plowman building a successful team and brokerage.


From her first award winning year in real estate and still today, Rachel has truly enjoyed developing and perfecting highly productive systems for the team and the coaching company. Rachel is a master coach with Dan Plowman Coaching and Broker of Record for Dan Plowman Team Realty Inc., she is committed and passionate about helping other real estate agents grow and develop their business.

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