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Dan Plowman Coaching is a real estate coaching and training company based in Toronto, focused on teaching real estate agents to create exponential wealth, abundance, and enjoy a lifestyle of their choosing utilizing the strength of our systems in their everyday business.


To offer world class training, coaching and tools at a revolutionary price, paving the way for real estate agents to reach the next level of success.



To transform the real estate industry by accelerating more real estate agents to the top point one percent of the industry.

It is our promise to share the systems, tools and knowledge that we use in our real estate business that have a proven track record to accelerate real estate agents to a higher level of success. We have been helping real estate agents become top producers and leading team builders to create real estate teams that dominate in their marketplace for over 10 years.

The results speak for themselves with our clients achieving 5 to 50 times more production than the average agent. The systems we teach are the same systems our own real estate team uses everyday to achieve unprecedented levels of success. We are current, relevant and industry leaders who thrive on the challenge of transforming the real estate industry by accelerating more real estate agents to higher levels of success.



From rookie of the year in his first year of selling homes to one of the largest producers in North America in real estate sales.



Having been in the real estate industry for over 17 years, Rachel has worked and developed every department imaginable.

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