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Five Key Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring A Real Estate Coach


Every year thousands of well-meaning real estate agents begin their year with the expectations that they’re going to have their best year yet.

However, truthfully, thousands and thousands of agents remain at the same level year over year because expectations and effort are only a small part of the success formula in real estate today.

After talking with one of Canada’s greatest real estate coaching veterans Dan Plowman, he shared that the problem is that you don’t rise to the level of your expectations… you fall to all the level of your training.

Hiring a coach to train and support you in the growth of your real estate business can be one of the most significant action steps that you can take.

Picking the ideal coach for your success should include a few key questions that can validate and support your decision to select them as a coach.

At a high level you want to be weary of coaches and coaching companies that teach from theory & history versus coaches and coaching companies that are practical & active in the trenches on a real team in the marketplace.

So, here are five key questions you must ask before you hire a real estate coach or coaching company.

1. Does your coach or coaching company run an active real estate team, selling more than 100 homes a year… are they active in the market, updating their strategies and systems through practical experience in real time?

2. Does your coach or coaching company, have a dedicated lead acquisition department and a converting inside sales team?

3. Does your coach or coaching company have specific turnkey lead generation strategies and conversion techniques that they can show you… with a track record of year over year success that is working in today’s marketplace?

4. How many leads do they actually generate & convert, and will they teach you what they are doing?

5. Does your coach or coaching company have a minimum of 20 years of training and coaching experience that can deeply advise you on both day to day activities and long term projected business growth?

Let’s face it, time is precious and if you got a “No” to any and or all of these questions, perhaps you should reconsider putting your future success in more capable hands and get the kind of coaching that you really want and deserve.

Dan Plowman Coaching is the most recognized and revered real estate coaching firm in Canada.

Many of the Top real Estate teams in Canada have all used Dan Plowman Coaching and recognize Dan Plowman as the real Estate Coaching and Training authority.

Don’t guess with your success, call Dan Plowman Coaching and grow your future today!

“I should not be more excited about your business than you are.” - Dan Plowman


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