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9 Reasons You Should Be Using a CRM System

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a technology used to manage and keep track of all of your business' relationships and interactions with customers/clients.

Here are some reasons why we recommend implementing CRM:

  1. Keep track of contacts’ personal and professional information in an organized system. Simplify your life by storing all of your contact’s personal and professional information in one place and never forget a detail. When you’re juggling many clients and prospects at once, it can be difficult to remember everything about everyone. Inputting the information into a CRM can relieve the pressure of having to remember everything. Store things like

  2. Helps you focus your follow up efforts. Don’t miss out on follow up opportunities. The key to success is in the follow up. Stay tuned for next week’s blog post to learn all about the importance of follow up. CRM software allows you to set reminders and send follow up emails directly from the application – ensuring no opportunity is missed.

  3. It allows you to develop stronger relationships with contacts. One of the best ways to gain the trust of your clients is by being reliable and accountable. As a busy real estate agent, it can be easy to let calls and follow ups slip. The use of a CRM allows you to schedule important calls so that you can stay on top of them effortlessly. Your clients and prospects will be impressed by your reliability, ensuring a positive and memorable experience for them.

  4. Easily manage deadlines and important dates. When you have multiple open houses, showings, and appointments each week, it can become overwhelming to keep track of all the dates on your own. Simply input them into the CRM system and set reminders for yourself. This also allows you to see a calendar of all your upcoming events and tasks.

  5. Track activities and results for greater productivity and performance. Keep track of notes, phone calls, and activities with clients so you can easily see your productivity and performance at a glance. If you have a team, you’ll also be able to see the activity and results of team members.

  6. Streamline your communication efforts. Writing individual emails to each client can be time consuming. However, you still want your clients to receive custom, personalized emails. A CRM software allows you to create emails templates as well as customize and send bulk emails to contacts directly from the system.

  7. CRM keeps you competitive. Not all agents are using a CRM system, so doing so puts you one step ahead. You’ll be more organized, reliable, and further ahead than your competitors, leading to a more positive experience for your clients and a greater likelihood for referrals.

  8. Agents who use CRM tend to earn more. Agents who are using a CRM software are more likely to be top producing agents. According to a study by ActiveRain, agents who earn $100K+ annually spend 22% more on their CRM software than agents earning $35K or less. CRM is an investment for your business that you won’t regret.

  9. Stay organized with tags and search function. Use the CRM’s search function to quickly and easily access names, addresses, tag words, phrases, lead sources, etc.

Interested in a CRM? Learn more about how Real Estate Flow, the CRM developed by and for the Dan Plowman Team, can streamline your business. It’s competitively priced, mobile-friendly, and was designed by an active, top-producing real estate team. Schedule your FREE demo today!

“I should not be more excited about your business than you are.” - Dan Plowman

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