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How to Make People Feel Important

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

In real estate, as with any other business that involves personal relationships, making someone feel important is fundamental and might even be the difference in closing a sale.

Feeling important and valued is a primary human need. We all need it in order to thrive. When another person makes us feel important we are more likely to be receptive to their offer. Making someone feel important is easy, it just takes effort and consistency.

Here are some tips to make another person feel important:

  1. Use their name when speaking to them. This might seem simple and is often underrated. However, people like to hear their name and feel important when you remember it. Using a person’s name in conversation is simple but goes a long way in terms of making them feel important.

  2. Listen to what they have to say. You may think you always listen during a conversation, but often our minds have the tendency to wander while others are talking. Do you ever catch yourself half-listening and already formulating an answer before they even finish speaking? If so, you’re not really listening. To listen attentively is to be completely focused on what the other person is saying as they're saying it. The more attentively you listen, the better a conversationalist you will become. Remember to pause briefly before answering their questions. Take a moment to really consider what they said or what they are asking you to provide before you jump to an answer. Many people are uncomfortable with a few seconds of silence, so this may take a bit of practice before you can do so without any fear or apprehension.

  3. Compliment them. When complimenting others, remember authenticity counts and only do so when you genuinely mean it. A compliment must be the following three things in order to be effective:

    1. Genuine and authentic

    2. Specific

    3. Create an opportunity for a conversation

The key to making people feel important is to use their name in conversation, listen attentively, and give them a genuine compliment. Once you can make others feel important, you’ll find they are more willing and excited to work with you by building

rapport and providing them with a lasting positive impression.

“I should not be more excited about your business than you are.” - Dan Plowman

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