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Having been in the real estate industry for over 20+ years, Rachel has worked and developed every department imaginable while working side by side with Dan Plowman building a successful team and brokerage.


From her first award winning year in real estate and still today, Rachel has truly enjoyed developing and perfecting highly productive systems for the team and the coaching company.


Rachel is a master coach with Dan Plowman Coaching and Broker of Record for Dan Plowman Team Realty Inc., she is committed and passionate about helping other real estate agents grow and develop their business.

"Real Estate can be learned and transferred from those who have done it, but best learned from those who are currently doing the do each and every day."    - Dan Plowman


Dan Plowman started in real estate in 1989. Dan learned early on that he loved the interaction with people and that was his initial attraction to real estate.


Rachel Plowman grew up in real estate. Both of her parents were real estate agents who owned their own brokerage. Rachel has never known a life without real estate.

Dan and Rachel believe that real estate is the best business in the world.


Their vision is to transform the real estate industry by accelerating more real estate agents to the top point one percent of the industry.

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