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4 Ideas that Determine Sales Success

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Each idea reflects on the psychology of the person that is doing the selling. It is important to remember that selling is all about people communicating with people in order to exchange value for money.

1. No one is born a salesperson. You do not have to be a natural born salesperson in order to be a good one. As Zig Ziglar says, “I’ve traveled the world and I have never seen a woman give birth to a salesman.” You may not be born a salesperson, however, you can be trained to sell. Sales is a skill that can be learned as any other skill. This is a simple, yet powerful belief.

A salesperson that believes the ability to sell is a natural-born talent will sabotage everything they learn, refuse to apply the skills as they are taught, and they will reinforce their belief that they were simply not born to sell. Once you move past this belief, you will be able to accept the fact that learning how to sell is possible and you will be able to actively start participating in that learning process.

2. Knowing the difference between refusal and rejection. In order to be successful a salesperson, you must clearly understand the difference between refusal and rejection. The client is refusing to work with you because the situation or the timing may not be the right for them. It is important to note that a client saying “no” does not mean they are rejecting you as a person. It is a natural instinct to fear rejection. However, if a client saying “no” to a potential sale is taken as rejection, the impression for the real estate agent might be internalized and they may believe they are simply not meant to sell and they might even quit the real estate business altogether. Simply taking a no as a refusal

rather than a rejection is a much healthier attitude. This will allow you to accept the refusal as non-personal and move forward with a positive attitude toward future opportunities.

3. Believing in the services you are offering your clients. Zig Ziglar makes a bold statement by saying, “Every salesperson that has ever succeeded and broken records has a deep belief in what they’re selling.” This statement is true in many cases. And it is because of this deep belief in what is being sold, that for many salespeople, it is difficult to understand why or how anybody could refuse the product or service they are selling.

In your case, as a real estate agent, you have to believe in yourself and in your ability to service your clients’ needs in order to be successful. It is due to the depth of your belief, and your enthusiasm that you will be able to persuade a client to work with you and

in the end, close the sale. Zig Ziglar is very clear that if you do not believe in the product or service that you are selling, you must find another product or service to sell.

4. Recognizing that the winner of a sales transaction is the client. The client is the real winner of a sales transaction. When you finally understand and believe in this concept, you can close more sales more enthusiastically. If you think about it, the odds are high that after a few months of making a sale, you no longer have the money from that sale. On the other hand, the client likely still benefits from the service you provided, either in the form of a new home or the proceeds from the sale of their home. Understanding the lasting value of your services for your clients will help you to close more sales with enthusiasm.

“I should not be more excited about your business than you are.” - Dan Plowman

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