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5 Basic Tips To Help Grow Your Real Estate Team

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

“our business is not about our bottom line, it’s about yours!” …..

Dan and his team are the only team having a “practice what we teach” philosophy. At Dan Plowman Coaching, we have a mind-your-business type of approach that uses Patience, Persistence and Profitability. These unique systems work towards allowing you to gain your Financial Freedom, while generating serious cash flow and allowing you to leverage the power of Real Estate Teams. DPTS coaches not only work with the team leader, but also the entire team. This very tailored approach allows everyone to grow together, still keeping our eye on-the-price and enhancing their skills in their individual roles. Dan Plowman Coaching is about helping you grow a team or to help real estate teams realize and reach their full potential.

Real Estate Brokers – Steps To Success:

Boost your profits, what still meeting or exceeding the expectations of your staff and agents.

When you are ready to recruit more agents, management, or staff it is important to understand their leadership capabilities and be in tune with the variety of personalities you are dealing with. Having access to these necessary tools is critical and extremely valuable.

Be able to create and implement great systems, that are intuitive and can improve the flow of work and the total satisfaction of your client experience

Understand correct timing and be knowledgeable of how and when to grow and expand to the next level of triumph.

Teams who successfully follow up with our coaching technique substantially increase their overall income, client retention and loyalty. Implementing these systems will increase your ‘quality of life’. Individuals who complete the training will implement a personalized plan to capture new clients and develop loyalty. Your bottom line is about doing the right things, and doing the right things is what we at Dan Plowman Coaching are all about.

Remember doing more deals is just a natural byproduct of doing the right things.

“I should not be more excited about your business than you are.” - Dan Plowman

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