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5 Tactics to Stand Out as an Agent

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

We all know how competitive the real estate industry is. That's why it is important to do everything you can to set yourself apart from other agents.

  1. Be generous with market information. One of the best ways to stand out as a real estate agent is to offer more value than your competitors. Offering things of value for free is a great way to attract and capture prospects by leading them to your website or landing page. It also encourages them to check your website frequently and keeps you at the forefront of their mind. You’ll likely find much more success in generating leads by giving away things of value rather than spending all of your effort trying to hard-sell right from the get-go. There are many great things of value you can offer to prospective buyers and sellers but one of the most popular is a PDF or ebook. Write on a topic that directly impacts your niche or target market and brand it with your name, logo, colour scheme, etc. If you have a website, another great way to add value for your potential readers and to attract people to your site is to create an email sequence. Again, focus on your target market when writing emails for the sequence. Your emails can be based on anything from community news and events, to local vendor spotlights, to home buying tips, etc.

  2. Invest in top notch branding & marketing materials. The look and feel of your brand is what leaves a lasting impression on potential prospects. A professional and visually appealing brand image conveys high quality service in the eyes of those searching for a real estate agent. Most agents don’t realize how important of a role brand image plays in enhancing their overall business. Often times, investing in branding is seen as an unnecessary waste of money. However, the reality is, brand image is what’s going to set you apart from your competition. Ensure your logo, colour scheme, business cards and website are all cohesive, visually appealing and convey the image you want. Professionally done photos are also a must when it comes to branding. Aside from creating a lasting first impression on prospects with your brand image, it is also important for creating and maintaining brand recognition.

  3. Create and deliver a memorable buyer’s presentation.A strong buyer’s presentation is your chance to demonstrate to buyers the value you’ll provide them with if they choose to work with you. An underwhelming buyer’s presentation is enough reason for a buyer to walk away from working with an agent. On the opposite spectrum, an outstanding buyer’s presentation that exceeds the buyer’s expectations is enough to convince them to continue down the path of working with a particular agent. You want to make sure you’re on the latter end of that spectrum. Unsure where to start with creating a buyer’s presentation and how to make it truly stand out against your competitors’? Gain full access to the Dan Plowman Team’s winning buyer presentation with our PointOne Online Training Centre.

  4. Start a YouTube channel, podcast, or blog. This point relates back to point number one. Starting a YouTube channel, Podcast, or blog adds value for buyers and sellers and helps get your name “out there.” This is also a great way of strengthening your brand image and helps you stand out amongst other agents since most aren’t doing this. Having a YouTube channel, podcast, or blog makes you look like the expert in your field and before you know it you’ll build an audience of potential prospects.

  5. Get involved with your community. Sponsor local events and volunteer within the community. These are great ways to gain exposure and give back to your community at the same time.

Here are some examples of ways you can get involved in your community:

  • Volunteer at a local food drive

  • Sponsor local youth sports teams

  • Coach a sports team

“I should not be more excited about your business than you are.” - Dan Plowman

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