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Are You a Business Owner or an Agent?

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Does this seem like a silly question? Of course you are an agent if you are actively working in real estate. However, if you want to build a successful real estate business,

then you also have to be a business owner.

This is one of the most common challenges that agents face in creating a sustainable business in real estate. At any given time, you will be required to wear both hats. You will hold the responsibilities of being an agent and you will need to approach situations as a business owner with a business mindset.

It is critical that you differentiate between the two roles and that you know when you need to take on the responsibilities of an agent and when you need to focus on being the business owner. Each time you step into one of these roles you will need to have a different mindset, speak a different “language”, use different systems, and make different decisions. The key to your success is to know when and how to act in each role.

“I should not be more excited about your business than you are.” - Dan Plowman

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