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Earn While You Learn

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Let’s face it, the real estate business is fraught with unpredictability and uncertainty. As an agent, you never really know what the market is going to do next or how it will affect your bottom line. It’s understandable that most agents run a reactive business, where there is little-to-no time allocated to proactive activities such as learning and planning. 

However, avoiding continuous learning and training is not going to give you what you want. That is, assuming you want more money in the long term and a successful career or business in real estate. Why? Well, simply because you won’t be aware of the latest and best practices.

Without actively taking the time to learn, you will find yourself guessing at the

best of course action in most situations. Now let’s get real. If you are not making time for continuous learning, it’s probably because you don’t want to take time away from money-making activities. The good news is that we are now living in a digital age with tremendous technological advancements. One of the advantages of living in the digital age is that learning can be easy, fun and quick. You can access knowledge, strategies and systems from the best in the industry without having to travel far distances.

Previously, the only way to access top producer knowledge and systems was through face-to-face coaching and attending live workshops and events. Depending on where you are in your business, these options may not always be within your reach. Now you can easily download online programs and take them with you wherever you go. You do not have to stop earning in order to learn. In fact, you can and should do both simultaneously. As you learn new strategies and systems, you can apply them, test them, and perfect them to work for you in your business.

Dan Plowman attributes much of his success to the mentors, coaches and the top producers that he had the privilege of learning from personally. If you are not already doing so, you must integrate three sources of learning into your day. And yes, all three can be done alongside your money making activities. Here are some ways that you can seamlessly integrate learning into your daily business activities:

  1. Learn from your clients. Listen attentively to what they need from you. Listen to the specific words they use when describing you. This is priceless field research that will help you build your unique brand.

  2. Learn from your mistakes. A MIS-TAKE just means you didn’t hit the mark with that particular decision or activity. In order to move forward, listen to feedback and take corrective action. Do not interpret a mistake as a failure. It’s simply an opportunity to take another course of action and improve for next time.

  3. Learn from the top producers in the industry. Find the experts in your business, those that have the evidence to back their success. Dan Plowman has been in real estate for over 25 years, has numerous awards, grosses millions in revenue each year and has done so for over a decade, and most notably, has been ranked within the top .1% of the Toronto real estate board for over a decade.

If you are not already learning from the best in your industry, you are missing out. Take advantage of online training programs to grasp the winning systems that are creating millions in gross revenues year over year and take the guesswork out of your business.

“I should not be more excited about your business than you are.” - Dan Plowman

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