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Do you only coach teams?

No, we don’t just coach teams. Our coaching services are available to any agent who wants to take their business to the next level. Building a team is often a natural byproduct of using our systems because agents see the value in leveraging people, marketing and technology to work more efficiently. But teams aren’t for everyone and we can help streamline your business no matter the size.

Is your coaching system customizable?

Absolutely! We make sure of it. Every agent is different, every team is different. We customize our coaching to ensure you get the most benefit and are able to work on the challenges you are currently facing by implementing the systems we use with our own team every day.

How does the coaching process work?

Coaching consists of one or two phone calls per week with your personal coach to ensure you have the proper knowledge, training and support to work on your business while still running a profitable business. We are not a cookie-cutter coaching company. Our coaching is customized to your current needs and focuses on your most pressing challenges. In addition to the phone calls, you have open communication with your coach through CoachAccountable, access to all materials, PointOne online training center, and much more. You never have to worry that you won’t have anything to discuss or work on or that your coach will not engage with you or be focused on your needs.

What makes you different from other coaching companies?

Dan Plowman Coaching was built on the success of the Dan Plowman Team who sells over 400 homes per year consistently, more than double their closest marketplace competitor. Dan spent years trying, failing, trying something else, perfecting, until he had a system that could be easily duplicated and consistently produced amazing results in any marketplace. Dan Plowman Coaching is one of the only real estate coaching companies who is actively selling real estate and uses the systems they teach with their own team day in and day out. Wouldn’t you want to learn from someone who was doing it every single day, not someone who used to do it?

Why would a successful agent hire a Coach?

Pay attention to top performers across virtually every industry. They always continue to train, learn and grow. LeBron James and Sidney Crosby are still at every practice and ready to receive coaching. Some of the top business moguls secretly have a coach behind the scenes to help them evolve. No one is immune to learning new things and expanding their current potential. Many people need challenges to stay motivated in their position. Stay engaged through consistent coaching, and you’ll thank your coach for pushing you in the right direction!

What is required to join coaching?

In order to become a member in our coaching program, we usually like to meet with you, either in person or over the phone, to determine your needs and ensure that you are confident we have the tools to help you. We encourage local agents to visit our offices and see first-hand how Dan’s team is run and how his ISA department works. For those that are further away, we like to have one or two in-depth discussions to get a great feel for where your business is at and where you’d like to see it go. The next step is to fill out a brief assessment that tells us a bit more about your business, your goals and your challenges. We also have you fill out a personality profile and get your current team members (if you have any) to fill out personality profiles as well. Once we receive the paperwork, we review your details and profiles and match you with the coach that we feel will be the best fit for you. We set a start date and then turn you over to your coach to start working on your business.

I’m not sure if I’m ready for coaching. Can you still help me?

Absolutely! With our PointOne online training centre, you can learn some of our core systems to help set you up for success, at your own pace and on your own time. Accessible from anywhere at anytime, it's the ideal solution if you aren't ready for coaching. Attending our events may also help get you motivated in different areas of your business. You can even try some of our On Demand Events where we come to you, your team or your brokerage and provide training directly, customized to you.

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