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From Solo Agent to Team Leader

Updated: Jan 17

In this engaging episode of the Return On Life Podcast, I join host Randy Dyck to explore my journey in sales and real estate. I recount how purchasing my first home sparked my deep-seated interest in the real estate field.

Discover how I ventured into real estate during a tough market, committing to intensive work and extended hours to establish my presence. Experience the thrill and challenges of my early days, where I navigated a tough market with unyielding determination, culminating in a staggering 67 deals single-handedly.

But there's more to this story than just numbers. I delve into the art of balancing high-volume deals with exceptional client service, an intricate dance that I mastered over years of experience. Discover how I honed this craft, learning that the sweet spot of success lies in quality, not just quantity.

This experience taught me the crucial balance of maintaining quality client relationships and service, leading to the realization that the ideal number of deals for an individual stands at about 40-45 annually, despite the personal compromises this might entail.

The Podcast episode also highlights my transition from working solo to leading a team, illuminating the evolving nature of real estate team dynamics.

For anyone seeking a robust kickstart in 2024, this episode is an essential listen. I stress the dangers of becoming complacent and underscore the significance of tracking results over 90 days when chasing business objectives. My story is a compelling example of the power of determination, hard work, and flexibility in the dynamic real estate industry.

Don't miss this episode for a deep dive into valuable lessons and motivation, as I share my insights and experiences from my 3 decades in the real estate sector-where my story could be the catalyst for your next big leap in real estate.

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