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Staging Tips To Help Your Clients Show Their Home In The Best Light Possible

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

As a real estate agent, your goal is to help your clients sell their homes as quickly as possible and for the most money possible. A great way to do that is with staging.

Staging allows you to accentuate certain features of your clients’ homes and to entice buyers to purchase. While it can be difficult to hide flaws with staging, it can be a great way to camouflage less desirable features and highlight those you want buyers to focus on when viewing the property.

Staging allows buyers to better picture themselves living in the home and can even make them more willing to spend top-dollar and buy quicker than if the home were not staged.

One thing to remember while staging your client’s home is to focus on making the most of the selling features that are already in the home and basing your staging efforts around those features. I.e. if there’s a large fireplace in the living room, focus on drawing attention to it with small décor pieces rather than overwhelming the space with excessive staging.

Here are six staging tips you can make use of to help sell your client's home quickly and for the most money possible:

  1. Highlight natural lighting. Pull back drapes and curtains to allow as much natural light as possible. Highlighting windows and sources of natural light can be a great cost-effective way to create a focal point for any room and most buyers appreciate all the natural light they can get. In fact, an abundance of natural light is often seen as a selling feature. Opening windows can also make a small space feel bigger and less confined since buyers can see beyond the four walls of the room they’re viewing.

  2. Incorporate colour with simple decorating. Pops of colour can create a more welcoming environment for buyers and can leave them feeling creative and inspired. Add colour to living rooms and bedrooms with the use of throw pillows and throw blankets. Incorporate colour into kitchens using vases of real or faux flowers, a fruit bowl, a rug by the sink, and some colourful tea towels. Coordinating bath towels and a bath mat are a quick and cost-effective way to spruce up a boring bathroom. You can even add some jars of bathroom-related items for a cost-effective bathroom decoration.

  3. Ensure beds are made. The bed is often the focal point of the bedroom, so it is extremely important that the bed is made, bed linens are clean, and that there are no wrinkles. As mentioned above, the bed can also be a great place to add a pop of colour to the room by decorating with a few throw pillows and a throw blanket.

  4. Camouflage flaws and imperfections. Use rugs to cover floor stains and imperfections and use plants to quickly disguise wall imperfections and unsightly outlets.

  5. Decorate with plants and greenery. Bring the outdoors in before showings with vases of fresh or faux flowers and place them in rooms throughout the house to add a pop of colour and freshness that will make the space feel more inviting. Plants are an easy way to fill empty corners of rooms and help rooms with little furniture feel less bare.

  6. Pay attention to detail. There’s nothing worse for a buyer than walking through an open house only to find that the bathroom hasn’t been cleaned. You want your listings to feel cozy and welcoming and you want them to feel “lived in” but not "too lived in.” Make sure the bathrooms and kitchen have been thoroughly cleaned, the carpets have been vacuumed, and the homeowners’ personal items are neatly tucked out of sight.

“I should not be more excited about your business than you are.” - Dan Plowman

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