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Dan Plowman

Dan Plowman’s journey of over 25 years has resulted in the development of up-to-date, proven systems specific to the fast-changing real estate industry that, when implemented, are life-changing. Dan Plowman has been consistently ranked at the top of Canada’s largest real estate board and has developed one of the highest ranked teams in Canada for production year over year.

Now, operating his own independently owned brokerage for his team, Dan has sold well over a billion dollars in real estate and maintains millions in GCI annually.

What do you do differently or how is your coaching different from others?

Dan Plowman is on a mission to help his fellow Realtors reach the top point one percent of the real estate industry. Dan Plowman knows that Real Estate can be learned and transferred from those who have done it, but best learned from those who are currently doing the right things each and every day. We have been helping real estate agents become top producers and leading team builders to create real estate teams that dominate in their marketplace for over 15 years.

What according to you has been the single most important thing that has contributed to your success as a coach?

One of the most important items that has contributed to the success of Dan Plowman Coaching is the fact that I have a successful real estate team that is active in today’s market. Teaching what we do everyday. It is my promise to share the systems, tools and knowledge that my team uses in our real estate business that have a proven track record to accelerate real estate agents to a higher level of success.

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