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The Trap of Complacency: Why Today Is More Valuable Than Tomorrow

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

When your real estate team has reached the top of its game and is consistently demonstrating hard work and a high volume of sales, it's natural to become complacent. You’ve likely developed a strategy that has worked well with your team and led them to success. You may be thinking, why change what isn’t broken?

Simply put, after years of executing the same strategies, your team may start to become complacent. Sales may begin to slump and you may not know what to do to get things back on track. A firm that does not innovate may be unable to keep up with newer and more innovative real estate companies. As sales fall, agents, having lost their initial drive, may leave for bigger and better brokerages as you are left struggling with a broken team.

Complacency Leads to Vulnerability

When we get into a comfortable groove with our work, it is easy to fall into a rut and turn on autopilot. Unfortunately, this circumstance can lead to a situation where you stop seeking out to continuous self-improvement.

This is a dangerous situation to be in because your business and team may become vulnerable to new methods and strategies used by competitors - thus causing you to fall behind.

There are many ways to avoid the complacency trap and instead improve your team so they can advance in their skills and knowledge.

Seek Out Continuous Training and Education

There is no such thing as having too much education or training. There are always new real estate lead generation tactics and sales skills to learn and try out. By seeking out training, new agents can hone their skills to a productive level, while veteran real estate agents can keep up with a changing real estate landscape and newer innovations can be implemented into their sales tactics.

Finding Additional Marketing and Lead Generation Avenues

The internet has opened up a whole new playing field in marketing your real estate firm. If one lead generation source dries up, you can effortlessly switch to another to increase your buyer pool. You can generate leads from websites, social media and business network platforms. In addition to chatting with clients over the phone, you can also use live-chat to talk about possible real estate deals they may be interested in. By having multiple marketing and lead generation avenues, you can always switch it up to another method when leads begin to fizzle out.

Invest in Productivity Tools

One of the reasons your real estate team may fall behind the competition is if you continue to rely on paper documents and less automated processes. Always keep track of your team’s efforts, work flow and market forecasts with productivity software tools. There is a wide range of software and apps available. You can increase your communication activities with team members, better schedule your time to pursue leads, and get yourself more organized. You can use spreadsheets to keep track of prospective leads, or share important client information through a centralized network system.

Beat the complacency blues for your real estate team and retain agents by improving your business with more productive processes. You’ll be able to handle any changes that come your way while continuing to challenge and motivate your team to become more successful agents.

“I should not be more excited about your business than you are.” - Dan Plowman

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