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What Is Real Estate Coaching

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Real estate is competitive – for many Realtors, overwhelming, as they try to find success and balance in their real estate career. With many real estate agents failing within the first few years, it’s not an exaggeration to say it’s extremely difficult to make it in this extremely competitive business working alone.

what is real estate coaching from dan plowman coaching

Real estate coaching is a great way to provide Realtors with a competitive edge and keep them organized and motivated with the right tools and direction to rise to to the top in their market.

Dan Plowman Coaching is a real estate coaching and training company based in Toronto, focused on teaching real estate agents authentic working knowledge and understanding of what it takes to build a predictable, scalable and profitable business that includes life balance.

Focused on empowering, encouraging, and that anything is possible Dan Plowman Coaching is teaching by example. Clients get the final refined working product of proven systems without the research and development costs. Dan Plowman Coaching’s mission is to help Realtors reach the top .1% of the real estate industry.

Committed to sharing the systems, tools, and knowledge that is used in our real estate business that has a proven track record to accelerate Realtors to a higher level of success. Dan Plowman Coaching has been helping real estate agents become top producers and leading team builders to create real estate teams that dominate in their marketplace for over a decade.

The results speak for themselves with clients achieving five to 50 times more productivity than the average agent. The systems taught are the same systems Dan Plowman Team Realty uses every day to achieve unprecedented levels of success. Dan Plowman Coaching is current, relevant, and an industry leader who thrive on the challenge of transforming the real estate industry by accelerating more Realtors to higher levels of success.

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