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What Does Real Estate Coaching Do?

Real estate coaching is a great way to provide Realtors with a competitive edge and keep them organized and motivated with the right tools and direction to rise to to the top in their market. If you would like to learn more about What is Real Estate Coaching you can read the other article on our blog.

What does real estate training do?

Real estate coaching helps Realtors further hone their skills and while learning from the best in the industry Realtors can take their business to the next level.

Dan Plowman Coaching is a real estate coaching and training company based in Toronto, focused on teaching real estate agents authentic working knowledge and understanding of what it takes to build a predictable, scalable and profitable business that includes life balance.

Here are some options to consider to get you started:

Designed for real estate agents who are starting out or looking to grow their business without building a team. PointOne provides agents with a system and tools to organize and strategize their business to achieve the next level of success.

The PointOne Coaching program offers professional development to improve skills in order to serve clients better, grow your business and learn up-to-date real estate market trends.

Elite Agent Coaching is recommended for Realtors who want to grow their business and take the first steps toward building a real estate team. Focused on refining lead generation and conversion systems, accountability, and nurturing the top producer mindset, this real estate coaching program is designed to take your real estate business to the next level. In addition to the proven systems and tools, Elite Coaching provides clients with a coach who holds them accountable to achieve their goals and desired business outcomes.

The Team Builder Coaching program was created for Realtors that are Team Leaders looking to build and expand a high-performance team, thrive as a team leader, and outperform the competition

The program is designed to help team leaders overcome challenges as they move toward the next level of business in record time. Team members are trained to become individual top producers, and Team Leaders learn to grow a team profitably, set the right systems in place, and improve services to clients.

With a proven track record of helping clients hire and train Inside Sales Associates (ISA) our industry-leading team systems can help build an (ISA) team to dramatically increase yearly sales.


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